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These rich, usually soggy places provide critical habitat for numerous species, help clean our water, control floods, and provide plenty of food for humans. Like many environments, wetlands have long been misunderstood.

Listening to the first frogs of the spring. Scanning tall grasses for a sandhill crane's nest. Dipping a canoe paddle into chocolate-colored water. Swatting mosquitoes. Pulling cattails to collect their roots for a salad. Eating cranberries, crab cakes, shrimp, and wild rice. Drinking fresh water. Watching sea turtles float in the ocean. All of these activities depend on wetlands.

Wetlands are wild, wet, mucky, stinky, and absolutely fabulous places to visit. Come along for a tour!

Photo of a WetlandWhat is a Wetland?
You would think the answer to "What is a Wetland?" would be easy. NO SUCH LUCK! There are all kinds of official definitions for wetlands and also many different kinds of Wetlands! In this section you will learn how to

identify a wetland, how scientists mark wetlands, common names for wetlands, and the plants and animals that inhabit wetlands. Do you have a Wetland near you? Find out how you can tell if that wet area near you is a wetland!

Wetland PlantInland Wetlands
Find out more about the types of wetlands we have here in the Pacific Northwest!

Where Are all the Wetlands?
Did you know that we have lost over half of our original wetlands? From an estimate of 220 million acres in the United States to less than 110 million acres! Find out what has happened to our wetlands and what the consequences are when we lose these valuable habitats.

People and Wetlands
Find out how people's attitudes towards wetlands have changed over time. Also learn about how some Native American traditions are tied to wetland species.

Wetlands for the Future

Find out what is being done to protect wetlands and how you can help! There are many people that are working to help save our wetlands. Do you have an area near you that needs some help? Find out how you can get involved!Man sowing Seeds

Classroom Activities

Lesson plans and ideas developed by Idaho teachers for Idaho Fish & Game Project Wild!

If you have ever taken a Project Wild class - you will love these additional resources!

If you have never taken a Project Wild class - this is a great intro to this excellent resource!

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