Simple Experiments
Dec 12, 2006
2:00/1:00 MT/PT
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Begin to satisfy your curiosity at Try Science with games, experiments and online field trips.

At The Why Files you can control a tornado, hit a home run , make a rainbow and more...

Young Scientists Experiment with GravityFeast on The Exploratorium Snacks. Just what is an Anti-Gravity mirror?
Ponder how light can bend around objects.

Prove to yourself that Galileo was right!

SCIENCE IS FUN in the lab of Shakhashiri. Delve into experiments you can do at home.

Human BodyThe Brain

Let Science Bob enlighten you about the human body.

Loads and Loads of Simple Experiments
Marvelous Machines Bang! Boing! Pop! Interactive Physics Phocus on Physics
Adventures in Science and Technology Sound Experiments, Dry Ice , More Fantastic Forces
Mad Scientist Experiments 2000 Ideas that spark your imagination Fun with Fizz

Zoom inside stuff, Transform stuff, Crush stuff, Improve Stuff at the Strange Matter Website

What is Materials Science

What is Materials Science?For Families and in Spanish
The Strange Matter exhibition is a great way for you and your family to have fun while you explore leading-edge materials science. Here are resources to get you started - even if you can't visit in person!

Stuff for Teachers

You've been accepted into the Astroventure Junior Biologist Training Program ...take the AstroVenture Training from NASA
GearsLink to Dialogue for Kids Simple Machines for
all you ever wanted to know about simple machines.
Red Schoolhouse   TEACHER LINKS

Scientist and MicroscopeLesson Plan The Process of Scientific Inquiry This is written for High school but can be adapted for lower levels.

Links to online sources of science materials.

Cool Science Websites from Science Bob

FlaskAdventures in Science and Technology is the place to dig up answers about chemistry physics biology and more...try the activities for added fun.
Fly South
Free Online Project: Students track Fall's Journey South.

PBS LogoPBS Teacher Source lessons and Activities for:

  • Physical Science K-2
  • Life Science for K-2
  • Chemistry Grades 3-5
  • Scientific Inquuiry Grades 3-5

FlaskLinks to Science Standards:

FlaskFrom NSTA:
The Elementary Science Classroom
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