Amphibians   Mar 18, 2008   2:00/1:00 MT/PT
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Eric Leitzinger

Eric Leitzinger is the Fish Habitat Program Coordinator for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. He is responsible for managing salmon and steelhead habitat improvement projects in the state.

Eric grew up in upstate New York. He spent much of his free time exploring the outdoors and catching turtles, frogs, salamanders, snakes, fish, and whatever else he could catch. This has lead to a life long interest in fish and wildlife. He currently owns 21 box turtles that spend the summer outside in the yard eating worms, fruit, and all sorts of bugs. They spend the winter hibernating in his garage.

After high school he moved west and attended Colorado State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Fishery Biology. He continued west and received a Master of Science degree in Fishery Science from Oregon State University and has since been residing in Idaho.

Eric has worked with many different fish species over his career, including chinook salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout, brown trout, and cutthroat trout.

Eric and his wife Barbara are raising four children, ages 6 – 14, and all enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities.

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