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Amphibian Links

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Animal Bytes: Amphibians
The San Diego Zoo has a great site about amphibians! When you need a break from the Caecilian's, Frogs and Toads, be sure to check out the other areas of the Zoo! This zoo is a real treat and so is their website!

Checklist of Amphibian Species and Identification Guide
The U.S. Geological survey has an awesome amphibian guide for budding herpetologists and teachers! Complete with pictures and descriptions, you can look up a specific amphibian by family, by species or just browse through the entries. Check out long term monitoring initiatives and current research activities and don't forget to take the frog quiz! .

Frog ClipartCGEE: Amphibian Facts – The Center of Global Environmental Education has fun activities and useful resources for your school projects, answers to many questions about frogs and toads, and gives advice on how you can help the frogs and toads in your area. Great lesson plans for teachers also are available!

Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Did you know that 2008 has been declared the year of the frog? Why? Frogs are going extinct. So are toads, salamanders, newts, and the unusual caecilians. Hop on over to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to see what you can do to help spread the word about the plight of amphibians.

Frog ClipartVisit the Exploratorium to launch into your learning about frogs. Before you leave be sure to check out the Frog Tracker and Disappearing Act!

The University of Wisconsin has some cool activities for you to learn more about amphibians and then you can test your froggy knowledge with their Frog quizzes!

Frog SkeletonVirtual Dissection
Ever wonder what the inside of a frog looks like? Take a tour with this virtual dissection. Many high schools are now using this form of dissection rather than using real frogs.

Frogwatch USA
is a frog and toad monitoring program from the National Wildlife Federation that gives YOU the opportunity to help scientists conserve amphibians! This year (2008) join students across the nation on May 3 to "Record the Ribbits." Talk to your teacher or parents about organizing a Record the Ribbit event in your town!

newt clipartNewt ClipartLiving Underworld
Dive into this great website about amphibians! Includes a great section on some of the folklore about amphibians.

The American Museum of Natural History has a great online exhibit about frogs for you to explore!

Leap over to EcoKids!
There are a lot of cool games about frogs and their habitats!

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Lesson Plans and Links for Teachers

Amphibian Alert!
This downloadable curriculum aims to teach children what amphibians are and why amphibian population declines are important to scientists.

Eco-Kids Printables For Teachers

Frog Match-ups

Help Scientists Collect Frog Data!

Book ClipartDeformed Frogs
"Deformed Frogs!" is a debate project which engages students in an examination of a current controversy in science by engaging them with relevant evidence from the Web. It culminates in an informal classroom debate where groups present their arguments about why frogs are being deformed and respond to questions from other students.

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