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Want to make a difference? With your help, Zoo Boise is going to grant approximately $60,000 to three conservation organizations who will help save endangered animals all over the world! You get to help decide which projects deserve the money! So hop on over to Zoo Boise and put in your VOTE!


National Zoo

The National ZOO has had great success with captive breeding programs and is a model for many other zoos! If you can't make it to Washington D.C. to visit, you can still experience the zoo via web cams; games; cheetah chats; crossword puzzles and lots more!

World Center for
Birds of Prey

Way back in 1970, The Peregrine Fund was established to help conserve birds of prey in nature. The World Center for Birds of Prey was established in Boise, Idaho in 1984. Can't make it to Boise? Go on a virtual tour on the web!

Kidsplanet.org has information sheets on just about every animal that is listed as endangered! The site includes some great pictures, coloring pages and what you can do to help an individual species. Be sure to check out the coloring pages and the "wild games!"

EPA logoThe Environmental Protection Agency (http://www.epa.gov/espp/coloring/) has created a coloring book that will introduce you to 21 endangered and threatened plants and animals found in the United States, download one or download them all!

WolfThe National Wildlife Federation
The National Wildlife Federation has great info on attracting songbirds, butterflies, frogs, and other interesting wildlife to your corner of the world so you can do your part in protecting wildlife for future generations. Be sure to check out the "Nature's Web" where you can explore how species are dependent upon one another.

The American Museum of Natural History Find out more about the cause of extinction at the American Museum of Natural history's biodiversity site. In the Going, Going Gone section you can find some cool facts to amaze and impress your friends and family! (http://ology.amnh.org/biodiversity/)

Sad WorldImagine a world without animals. It's hard to imagine, but each day takes us closer to such a world. To find out more about endangered animals, animalinfo.org has information listed by both the common and scientific names to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Another great site for information about different species is EELINK provided by the North American Association for Environmental Education which has compiled resources from a number of agencies. http://eelink.net/EndSpp/specieshighlights-mainpage.html

Are you interested in the environment, animals and the health of our world? Check out EEKOWORLD where you can build your own EEKO creature, learn why plants and animals are important and how you can help the environment better for all species! ( http://pbskids.org/eekoworld)

USFWS EmblemThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service is a great spot for both kids and teachers! Kids - find out what you can do to help wildlife and plants in your corner of the world!

Extinction ...who can say the word Extinction and not think of dinosaurs? But what caused the extinction of dinosaurs? Check out the mystery at the University of California Museum of Paleontology (http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/diapsids/extinction.html)

Check out these success stories at
WhyFiles' Return of the Species!

Endangered Species: The Next Millennium aka ES2000 - is a Thinkquest site created by students who examine the relationship between humans and the disappearing Animal Kingdom.

Learn more about endangered species in Idaho:

Idaho Governor's Office of Species Conservation

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Pacific Region (http://www.fws.gov/idahoes/idahot&e.html)

Idaho BLM's Resource Management Programs (http://www.id.blm.gov/whatwedo/spec_status.htm)

Endangered Species Lesson Plans and
Links for Teachers

EEKOWORLD (http://pbskids.org/eekoworld)
There are three lessons for each grade level from kindergarten through grade four on a variety of topics dealing with the environment.

ZOO adventures are a success!
For some critically endangered animals, like the golden lion tamarin, the zoo is the animal's last hope for survival. Join forces with Scientific American Frontiers and have your students design a habitat that will be a healthy (and successful) environment for animals at the zoo with the lesson plan "If I Ran the Zoo."

American Field Guide lessons come with video! Clipboard
Searchable lesson plans complete with video clips... for grades 6-8. In this series of lessons, students will learn about the Endangered Species Act and how it can impact people in our society. They will also learn about the life of an endangered sea turtle and about the efforts to keep it from becoming extinct. Finally, students will examine their values with questions about how much they think should be devoted to preserving species.

The P.O.V. series features a documentary and companion lesson plan examining the personal sacrifices and challenges faced by a New York writer who dedicates his time and resources to rescuing endangered turtles. Lesson plan has students demonstrate how organisms in an ecosystem are interdependent and examine how numerous species are affected when an organism becomes extinct. (http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2007/chancesoftheworld/for.html)

Another adaptation of the web of life lesson plan can be found at the NOAA Fisheries Web site which outlines an activity using a ball that shows students how easily remaining animals in a species can perish when most of the population is gone.

Wildlife ExpressVisit Idaho Fish and Game's website where you can access their, Wildlife Express newspaper! Each issue focuses on the natural history of an Idaho wildlife species, written in an educational and entertaining fashion for upper elementary and middle school students. (http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/news/newsletters/wild_express/)

The Community Learning Network in British Columbia has compiled a page of links to lesson plans on endangered species for you to explore!

The US Fish and Wildlife has a created a powerpoint for teachers to use in the classroom entitled Endangered Means there is Still Time. (http://training.fws.gov/deo/endang/INDEX.html)

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