Green Energy   Nov 20, 2007   2:00/1:00 MT/PT
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Links to Learn about Green Energy

Solar car clipart
The National Renewable Energy Lab
has great resources for learning about energy! Be sure to check out the Junior Solar Sprint/Hydrogen Fuel Cell (JSS/HFC) Car Competitions!

Energy Quest LogoEnergyQuest
Highlights include a movie room; games and puzzles; and don't miss the science projects page where you can learn to make a wind turbine or a steam powered rocket boat and many other cool projects!
finger clipartCheck out the student projects at What's Up in the Environment from WNET.

Mountain ClipartNational Geographic has some great information about going green. Be sure to check out the "green-o-meter."

Play the "Great Green Web Game" and check your knowledge of how your choices can affect the environment.

Be sure to check out these buildings that have been designed "green."

Check out these energizing projects for kids!
You can make your own wind powered toys, wind turbine,
or even a yummy solar smore with your solar powered oven!

Watch this excellent slide show about energy. (
Your host, Energy Ant, from the Energy Information Administration, will lead you through a journey about renewable and non-renewable energy.
Are you interested in the environment, animals and the health of our world? Check out EEKOWORLD!
       Earth Clipart
The Energy Information
also has a great site for kids on all types of renewable energy!

Wind Clipart
American Wind Energy Association
The American Wind Energy Association has a comprehensive Web Wind Tutorial for you to explore!


Ever wonder how those solar panels actually work? Find out how at How Stuff Works!

What is Passive Solar Energy? How can you make the sun work for you?

Welcome to the National Resource Defense Council's website on solar energy. Explore what you can do to help make our schools more "green."

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Green Energy Links for Teachers

Wind Turbines Clipart
National Energy Education Development Project
NEED's wind energy curriculum, sponsored by the American Wind Energy Association, is available on four levels hands-on activities to explore motion, weather, the history of wind, and modern wind technology. Site provides teachers ability to customize evaluation tools for their energy units.

Franklin Institute Science Museum provides guidelines for teachers on investigating wind energy including four inquiry-based activities.

This guide will power you up! Great activities for inside and outside the classroom designed to challenge K-12 learners.


Ohio's Solar School Curriculum
Included are lots of resources for teachers including teacher guides, projects, activities, worksheets, power point presentations and quizzes for your units on solar energy and explorations of other green energy sources.

Solar Matters  
Solar Energy Science Unit For Intermediate Students In grades 3 through 5.

Watts on Schools
This site has great solar energy activities for classroom use, as well as information about solar energy systems for schools.
Solar Power Clipart

The National Environmental Education & Training Foundation has listed what they consider to be the most popular and widely used environmental education programs for K-12 classrooms and the associated costs.

Dam Power Clipart

US Dept of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has lesson plans, curriculum and educational materials available for a wide variety of age/grade levels.


The NewsHour  has an excellent lesson plan exploring Alternative Energy for high school students.

The Habitable Planet
The Habitable Planet is a multimedia course for high school teachers and adult learners interested in studying environmental science. The Web site provides access to course content and activities developed by leading scientists and researchers in the field.

Texas State Energy Conservation Office

A number of lesson plans on renewable energy that are well-thought out and include teacher resource guides, reading passages for students, student worksheets, and many other aids in an easy-to-download format are available from Texas' Energy Conservation Office.

Greening Schools--
A Project by the Illinois EPA and WMRC

Renewable energy lessons for elementary, middle school and high school explore a variety of renewable energy forms using lessons and associated fact sheets.
BLM LOGOBureau of Land Management’s educational resources website on energy includes activities for students to increase their "energy" awareness by creating an energy profile; explore implications involved in policy decisions about energy, and create an energy budget. Additional activities include discovering how methane gas is created; the power of the wind; the power of water; and a solar power experiment.
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