Dec 18, 2007
2:00/1:00 MT/PT
Owls are amazing birds of prey. Owls live in almost every part of the world. There are over 200 different kinds of owls. They are basically nocturnal and live a solitary life. What is a group of owls called? It is called a parliament of owls. If you want to learn more about owls, start exploring here.
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Have more questions about owls? This month on D4K, host Joan Cartan-Hansen and her guest scientists, Vicky Runnoe from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Larry Ridenhour from the Bureau of Land Management will answer your questions.

Students can send their questions through e-mail to D4K@idahoptv.org, fax them in before the show to (208) 373-7245 or call in live during the program to (800) 973-9800. Students who send in a question are eligible to win a DVD player and DVDs for their classroom. Check out the details!

Watch D4K: Owls, Tuesday, December 18th at 2:00/1:00 p.m. MT/PT, or check it out here on the Web! Watch the D4KWeb Only feature, available after the live broadcast.

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