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Links You Can Sink Your Talons In!

Most scientists have a natural curiosity and are always looking to gain more information. So as junior scientists here are some links to get you started!

Owl ClipartThese researchers and budding scientists are kids like you! Check out their research and projects in your quest for information.

Second Graders get Owly!
Clinton Avenue Second Graders in New York participated in a thematic unit on owls and they share their information with other students via the internet - lots of great ideas and information!

Another great thematic unit on owls to investigate is the Owl Prowl! Great for students and teachers! http://www.kids-learn.org/owlprowl/

Owl ClipartFourth Grade students of Estabrook School in Lexington, MA have done extensive research about owls and other birds of prey and have made their research available. http://estabrook.ci.lexington.ma.us/Owls/Owls.html

Check out these Thinkquest projects!

Owl ClipartBarred Owl WebQuest
A thinkquest project created by fourth graders on the barred owl.

Owl ClipartFourth Grade ThinkQuest Project
Another thinkquest project designed by kids like you!

Owl ClipartWebQuest for Grades 3-4

Barn Owl Family Gander Academy's Owls
Great student activity sheets and supporting Web pages for an online study of owls. Also included are an introduction to birds, owls species lists, a novel study on owls and teacher resources for studying owls online or in the classroom. Hey! This site has a bunch of stuff for teachers based on a show we did a few seasons ago on birds of prey!

Owls - Montana Animal Field Guide
Guide provides information on identification, habitat, ecology, reproduction, range, and distribution of Montana's owls. The Ninepipes Center in Montana also is an excellent resource for identifying owls.

Raptor Center
Learn more about raptors! The Raptor Center (University of Montana) has great information regarding all types of raptors!

Learn more about owl pellets - even how to distinguish between pellets! No pellets handy? No problem, do a virtual dissection! Be sure to check out the just for fun pages for crossword puzzles; matching games and word searches!

Woodsy Owl
Woodsy Owl has been encouraging children to help him spread the word on protecting the environment since 1970 with his slogan "Give a hoot. Don't Pollute."

Western Screech  Owls

Check out Creature Feature on National Geographics for Kids featuring the Snowy Owl!

Quia - Barn Owls
Check out the matching games, word search and concentration games available on Barn Owls!

Nature Conservancy

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Learn more about Sedgewick and the other owls featured in the Harry Potter series from the nature conservancy.

The Barn Owl (Tyto albq)

Encourage Barn Owls to take up residence in your neighborhood by building owl houses!

Print an owl mask from the Zoboomafoo site!

Kid ScientistOwl Identification
The U.S. Geological Survey is a great resource for learning more about owls. You can see pictures of the owls, get tips for identifying owls and maps of where the owls can be found! Another great resource for identifying owls is the North American Owl Identification Guide.

Animal Diversity Web

Check out University of Michigan's Animal Diversity site to learn more about how owls are basically divided into two different types of owls: the strigidae and the tytonidae families. http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu

Owl Photo
Birds of Prey Foundation

Learn the basic facts about owls and raptors and how to build a barn owl house.
Schoolhouse clipartTeacher Links Schoolhouse clipart

Owl the Nocturnal Predator
This lesson plan is for grades 5-7. Students will learn about the bone structure of an owl and how to identify the various parts of an owl. Owl Pellet Dissection leads into a study of an owl's food chain and the role of an owl in an ecosystem.

Owls in Science and Legend
Two teachers in Arkansas developed these units of study on Owls. http://www.scsc.k12.ar.us/WilliamsE/newpage1.htm and http://www.scsc.k12.ar.us/WarnerL/
Although these lesson plans were developed for Arkansas, they could easily be adapted to your region!

Character Education
North Carolina Public Schools has a "predator" and "prey" activity in its character education booklet for first graders that teaches responsibility and perseverance.

Spotted Owl Unit
This site is from a former elementary teacher and includes lesson plans, rubrics and samples of HyperStudio Projects for second graders that you can use in your classroom!

There's an Owl in the Shower
Lesson plan about old growth forests, the logging industry and the Spotted Owl.

Owls in the Family
Cyber-guide for the book by Farley Mowat: Owls in the Family. Features five distinct lesson plans for use in the intermediate grades.

CanTeach Songs & Poems - Owls
A couple of owl songs and fingerplays for the younger set!

Owl Misc

Perpetual Preschool has some owl art and owl songs and fingerplays.

D4K Owl Sign Clipart

There are a number of lessons on dissecting owl pellets in the classroom:

Owl Resources

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