Owls   Dec 18, 2007   2:00/1:00 MT/PT
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Larry Ridenhour

Larry Ridenhour is an Outdoor Recreation Planner for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and works in the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area (NCA). He grew up in Concord, North Carolina and spent much time playing in the woods and creeks near home. Following two years of college, Larry worked in an outdoor retail store where he developed a real love for the outdoors, outdoor activities, photography, and an interest in teaching others about the outdoors.

After working for several years, Larry returned to college for a Forestry degree at North Carolina State University and a graduate degree in Recreation Management at the University of Montana. Larry’s interest in birds came late in life while working for the BLM in the Birds of Prey area. As the area’s first park ranger, he started an education program for the NCA in 1994 that includes presentations with live raptors. These birds all have permanent injuries which mean they can’t be released back into the wild but their injuries do not diminish their impact on people. Larry still helps visitors to the NCA learn many things about birds of prey and to appreciate how awesome and important raptors are.

Larry lives in Boise and is married with two girls, 17 and 10 years old, three cats, a frog, a rabbit, and six bird feeders in the back yard.

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