The DTV Transition at Idaho Public Television

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Idaho Public Television is very excited about the transition to digital television, which will allow us to bring you even more outstanding programming, as well as offer better sound and picture quality.

DTV In-Home Installation Contacts

Check the zip code at to confirm the business installs at your location.

Koring Group LLC
In-home Assistance
Contact: 800.310.8515
Dates of Operation: 05-18-2009 through 07-31-2009
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun : 8:30AM - 7:00PM

Best Buy
In-home Assistance
Best Buy DTC assistance call center
Contact: 877-229-3889
Dates of Operation: 05-26-2009 through 06-30-2009
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun : 8:00AM - 11:00PM
State wide to people that do not subscribe to cable or satellite TV services.

Deployment Essentials, LLC
In-home Assistance
Contact: 866-550-4388
Dates of Operation: 05-01-2009 through 08-31-2009
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun : 10:00AM - 8:00PM

DTV Installation Help Events

Saturday June 6, 2009 9:00AM- 1:00PM
Nampa ID Farmer's Market Awareness Session
12th Ave So. and Front Street
Nampa, ID 83687

Monday June 8, 2009 3:00PM- 7:00PM
Caldwell Idaho DTV Awareness at Radio Shack
2922 E Cleveland Blvd
Caldwell, ID 83605

Wednesday June 10, 2009 12:00 PM-03:00 PM
Boise Towne Square Mobile Assistance Center
350 North Milwaukee
Boise, ID 83704

Thursday June 11, 2009 4:00PM- 7:30PM
Garden City Library DTV transition week event
6015 Glenwood Street
Garden City, ID 83714

Friday June 12, 2009 2:00PM- 6:00PM
Meridian Idaho Public Library DTV Awareness
1326 W Cherry Lane
Meridian, ID 83642