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deliberation day panel of expertsMore than one hundred Idahoans spent their Saturday discussing the U.S. economy and the war on terror, as partners in a national PBS Deliberation Day.

Boise, Idaho, was one of seventeen cities across the country participating in these Citizen Deliberations, that focus on what -- not who -- is at stake in the 2004 presidential election.

The 117 participants, representing a cross-section of Idaho voters, met at Boise State University on October 16, 2004. They spent the morning and part of the afternoon in small discussion groups, culminating in a large session, where they asked questions of a panel of experts.

The collective views of these citizens are being coordinated with national Deliberative Polling data on what people from all over the country think, on reflection, after they too have had a chance to become informed about the issues.

Idaho Public Television and Boise State University joined forces with MacNeil/Lehrer Productions to present this extraordinary "local-national opinion poll with a human face."

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