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First Voters on the Economy

kentKent: I just think all of Bush’s economic policies are pretty ridiculous and it’s been amazing how blindsided people have been. Basically the sentiment is "Tax cuts work, stupid, because they give money to people." And most people seem to buy that, but the fact is all of the tax cuts are basically tax credits and tax credits don’t reach like the bottom 30% of America.
colbyColby: I wouldn’t say that because my parents got a check in the mail. My brother got a check in the mail.
maryamMaryam: We did receive tax cuts, but on the other hand our tuitions have gone up so much, we have lost so many professors at our universities, so many social benefit programs have been cut. I mean, doesn’t that matter?
danishDanish: You have to kind of look at how that kind of hits our local economy. If he gets a check for $200, heads down to his mall, buys a couple pairs of jeans and buys a meal somewhere…that makes an effect on local businesses, on our economy.
davidDavid: I think the economy should be the main focus. I mean it is the reason that you can’t find jobs. I know a lot of high-schoolers that graduated with me, went out to find jobs, couldn’t find very good paying jobs, were working minimum wage jobs and thought "Hey, you know what, going into the military would be a good idea right now."
saraSara: People have lost better paying jobs and now they’re working minimum wage at McDonald’s—it’s not the same jobs we’re getting back.
mikalMikal: I have a lot of fears about the economy. I mean the economy and all of that should be so much more important than whether Bob and Joe are married in Florida.
karenKaren: We’re a sandwich generation, we’re going to be having dependents and we’re going to be having older generation that we’ll be taking care of with our money and there is, there’s no money that the government is going to be able to provide because of these tax cuts.
gunnarGunnar: The Bush Administration keeps on saying over and over that the recession was done because of the Clinton politics….when Clinton was in office…I was in the stock market then, I was a young entrepreneur some might say. And I was making good money and I’m in the stock market today and I’m not making anything.
Kent: We’re just spending money and eventually that will have to be accounted for, and one of my fears is that if Bush wins this election or even if Kerry wins…he’ll be left with all of this deficit spending.
Colby: But you need the money in the economy in order to build up an economy.

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