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colbyWho Gets Their Vote: I’ve always liked the way Bush has handled things. Granted he’s messed up on areas, for example Iraq, the occupation hasn’t gone as well as it should have. But I’m not going to vote against him just because the occupation hasn’t gone as well.

Political Debates: Even me being a Bush supporter it’s uncomfortable; pausing is uncomfortable when there’s a debate. Bush is a person who pauses, but I think that shows that he’s thinking about the issue. But in my opinion about the debate is, I think it’s a little too scripted, I wish the candidates could talk directly too each other. I wish they could have a debate between themselves and not just answer the questions.

On the Future: I plan on getting a master’s in physics unless something else interests me. I would love to get involved in politics.

danishWho Gets Their Vote: Definitely I identify myself as a conservative, but I’m not going to straight up say who I’m going to vote for, who I’m leaning towards. I look at both platforms and see which ones significantly appeal to me.

On the Future: Hopefully I’ll hit up law school, get married, have a few babies, maybe a lot of babies. I want to definitely make an impact in the world after I practice law for a little while. I want to get into politics and I can’t be president because I wasn’t born here. I want to get into the Senate or the House or both.

davidWho Gets Their Vote: I see that Bush for me has more that I am in line with and I support, so I’m going with Bush.

On the Future: My main goal right now is to travel around the world, educate myself with world affairs, see how other people do things, how their culture is and educate myself.

gunnarWho Gets Their Vote: My vote if I was to pick today would be Kerry. People need to live their life, you know, and they can’t be restricted by such things as the Patriot Act and everything that Bush has set forward.

Political Debates: If you could see between Kerry and Bush on the podium, Bush stares at the camera for like four seconds to figure out how to answer a question. Kerry seems quick on his feet and able to answer questions, anything that’s thrown at him.

On the Future: I’m passionate about journalism and my passion is sitting up there asking questions of our politicians and my ultimate career goal would be a co-host on the "Today" show.

israelWho Gets Their Vote: I really don’t like Bush, but I’m going to have to vote for him because Kerry is very strong on gun control and I’m very anti-gun control.

Political Debates: When you put someone on the spot and they have 30 seconds to talk, what’s really inside of them comes out; they don’t have days to prepare a speech and then shoot it out.

On the Future: I would like (be) a doctor, maybe a nurse and then spend about three months in the U.S. making money, and then take all the money I’ve earned and go down to a South American country and then go into a mountain where there is no health care and then just set up a place and take care of everybody.

jackelineWho Gets Their Vote: Two years ago I used to believe a lot of what Bush said, and the reason why I changed my mind was because of the environment, second was the economy and because my dad is from Cuba and the Bush Administration has said that you can only visit your family every three years and you can take a certain amount of money, and I don’t think he has any right to do that.

On the Future: If I become a doctor, after that I want to go join the Peace Corps. I can’t be a president, but I want to be a senator and I’m probably going to stay in Idaho because I like Idaho a lot.

jillianWho Gets Their Vote: I’ve always been a very conservative person and I knew from the beginning that I would be voting for Bush just because the war directly affects my family; my dad went to Kuwait. And I come from a religious family as well and so the issues of gay rights and abortion--I feel that they weigh with Bush and I don’t think that Kerry is the right person to rule this country.

On the Future: I would like to be a translator for the UN. I want to be able to travel. I want to learn six or seven languages.

karenWho Gets Their Vote: I feel like Kerry would be a better leader for our country at this time and I haven’t been excited about what Bush has been doing for our country these last four years.

On the Future: I want to become a nurse and then lead a quiet life and be happy.

karissaWho Gets Their Vote: A big issue for me personally is the issue of abortion and I’m very conservative on that issue and I really believe that Bush supports my view better than Kerry does.

On the Future: I’m hoping to get my B.A. in both theatre and music and go on to graduate school and what I’d like to end up doing is having my own traveling theater group.

kentWho Gets Their Vote: I was scheduled to be deployed last June, but because of a ROTC Scholarship I wasn’t sent. I thought the entire war initially was forced. I never believed any of the reasons that were given and I couldn’t understand the time schedule that was given. So I haven’t really trusted that this presidency since it did that.

On the Future: I plan on working on my marriage mostly. Continue building that and go to law school. Ultimately my wife and I plan to go work with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in the other countries and try and do something altruistic with our lives.

maryam Who Gets Their Vote: I have problems with gay rights and abortion. (But) I also have problems with the Patriot Act and I am going to vote for Kerry because I personally do not like Bush at all and I see Kerry as a better candidate for running this country.

On the Future: I want to make a difference. I want to educate myself and I want to educate others on different things, mainly Islam.

mikalWho Gets Their Vote: Personally I’m planning on voting for Kerry because I don’t like Bush. There’s things that Kerry is a lot more conservative on, and I disagree with him, but my vote’s going in that direction based on how I disagree with Bush.

On the Future: I’d like to finish college, getting a Bachelor’s in International Business and then I want to more over to Paris, get an internship, get a Master’s degree there, work with business and get some more languages under my belt. I don’t think that I can change the world a whole lot, but I do want to try and educate as many as people as possible on Islam and show them that everyday normal people like me are Muslim.

saraWho Gets Their Vote: I’ve been raised a vegetarian and became a vegan five years ago and so environmental issues and the way we treat the land on which we live is important and I don’t feel that Bush represents my views on how we should be treating our world and I think that Kerry definitely stands for a more pro- environmental view.

On the Future: I want to go to law school and probably get involved in politics.

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