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karenKaren: Personally I feel the environment’s a very serious issue. I feel like Bush is harming our environment in ways that I don’t approve of and I’m hoping that Kerry can make adjustments to that.
saraSara: I don’t think that Bush would really like it to be an issue necessarily; I don’t think it’s something he really has a strong stance on. I think he’s pretty pro-corporation, pro business and so when it comes to environmental issues, business issues are going to trump that.
davidDavid: Bush has opened up a lot of things and done a lot of things for the environment even though a lot of people would say they’re opening up the lands for more tourism.
gunnarGunnar: One major issue in this country right now is gay marriage. We’re a country that says everybody has a right to be free and be happy yet the government is getting involved in who can marry.
jillianJillian: I feel very strongly about gay rights and it’s not really the government getting involved in other people’s business; it’s the people, you know us who want the government to take care of this too, to do something about it.
mikalMikal: It seems like so many people are so much more focused on the cultural issues of Americans like gay rights and abortion. I do identify myself as conservative when it comes to that…but at the same time I don’t believe that’s government’s place to stop someone from having those rights and I think that this current election is too focused on those cultural issues instead of issues that actually affect every American, like the economy, like education, like the war on terrorism.

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