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First Voters on the War and Terrorism

jillianJillian: Saddam Hussein needed to be taken out. There was just horrendous things going on and I think we waited too long. You can't expect to pull the troops out and you know, Iraq immediately has a government and have it self-standing--it's going to take time. That's because of major errors, but they can be fixed and I believe that Bush should be in there to finish was he started.
gunnarGunnar: Well, sure he did bad stuff to his people, but you know, we had a man who did bad stuff to people on our homeland and we needed to find him before we went into Iraq! I mean we were in Afghanistan trying to find Osama Bin Laden in the hills somewhere and he's still probably in the hills somewhere.
colbyColby: Saddam Hussein is a terrorist. He might not be the one that actually came in and bombed our country, but he's a terrorist. For twelve years we've been putting sanctions on him, for twelve years we've been asking him politely, for twelve years we've had these no fly zones, but his people still get terrorized, his country was still one of the worst dictatorships in the entire world.
maryamMaryam: The Taliban and Osama Bin Laden, they are extreme Muslims. The Baathist party -- they're atheists -- and the Taliban would totally hate atheists. And people don't realize that here and the Bush Administration was able to use that as an excuse to go to Iraq, saying that Iraqis had links with the Taliban, but people didn't really realize that they were just feeding them a humongous lie.
Colby: You can't, you can't say that it was a humongous lie. Documents have been authenticated that have been found in Iraq that said he gave money to groups likes Hamas and al-Qaida. There were training camps all throughout Iraq.
mikalMikal: It's true that there were camps, al-Qaida training camps that were found in Iraq, but they've also found al-Qaida training camps in the United States in Bend, Oregon. Does that mean that our government supports it? I mean you can't just attack a country based on the fact that they've got a bunch of people in there who are doing something with Al-Qaida.
davidDavid: Well I think one of the main reasons we went was because we found or we thought we had discovered weapons of mass destruction from satellite photos. That intelligence was wrong. The President wasn't at fault for going forward finding the weapons of mass destruction, he was at fault for allowing that information to come in and not crucially reviewing it, but I don't think Kerry would've done any different.
kentKent: I want us to face reality. The fact is, is American power is in decline and the biggest problem I have with this administration (is) he's making a lot of Americans feel powerful or empowered and safe and I think that's really dangerous.
Colby: I definitely feel safer because…we have all the terrorists in Iraq. I'd rather fight them over in Iraq than I would here on our own soil. I mean you also look--since 9/11 we haven't had an attack.
saraSara: There's still terrorist attacks on Americans in Iraq and we're still fighting terrorists around the world and I guess I don't feel as safe because I'm worried about my brother, I'm worried about my best friend's husband, I'm worried about my good friends from high school going to Iraq.
karissaKarissa: My best friend's older brother is over there right now, he just came back for leave . . . and that's a really scary thing for their family. I feel more secure honestly just because I believe that Bush is trying to do his utmost for our country and keep us safe and not only just us, but the rest of the world.
jackelineJackeline: The people that are in Iraq that are attacking the soldiers are not the terrorists, it's like a civil war to them. They think United States is bad because you're bringing terrorists pretty much to their country. I think they're just people who think United States is bad and they're fighting for it.
Maryam: I don't feel any safer because we've lost so much respect in the whole world. Around the globe we went against what everybody else said and we've lost respect and people don't realize that right now, but in a couple years we will start to feel it, we will start to feel it and it'll hurt.
Karissa: I think it's more important that we're doing what's right than gaining respect from other countries.
David: By going into this war we kind of showed that we were a little power hungry to countries that aren't really looking at going into war.
Jackeline: I think we should get together with other countries and try to compromise. I'm sorry, but what I think Bush has done is like "You do it my way or it's the highway pretty much."
Gunnar: The problem with this war is that we're not paying for it now. Our kids and us we're going to be the ones paying for this war; our parents aren't paying for this war right now.

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