Statement of Andy Hedden-Nicely

When I announced my independent candidacy for Idaho's First Congressional District, the so-called experts in our state political establishment said I was crazy to run outside of the two major parties. Some even laughed. But with recent polls showing a full 61% of voters undecided about how to vote Nov. 7, they aren't laughing now.

From my discussions with voters, it's clear Idahoans are sick and tired of the partisan bickering, the corruption and gridlock that have seized our government as a result of a two-party system run mainly by lawyers. Many of them have already supported us by sending contributions of $10 to $1,000 and pledging their votes. Contrast that with my Republican and Democratic opponents, both lawyers, each of whom will spend a MILLION dollars or so in this race.

BETTER GOVERNMENT THROUGH TERM LIMITS: This perverted system of financing elections shows how Washington works. That can only be changed through Congressional term limits. So I propose a Constitutional amendment limiting U.S. House members to six two-year terms and Senators to two six-year terms. This will ensure that our legislators won't perpetually be tied to the big money interests of Washington lawyers and lobbyists.

WE SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS: IDAHO'S LIFEBLOOD: My second priority is to work to support Idaho's small businesses. The Republicans and Democrats have created a $9 trillion national debt that's going up $1.73 billion every day. Yet our tax policies continue to favor the corporations while putting the major burden on the small businesses that are the economic backbone of Idaho's economy. We need to rethink our priorities and come up with a strategy to immediately freeze the national debt and to begin paying down our obligations while at the same time helping small businesses thrive. And yes, we can afford it.

WE WON! LET'S STAGE THE TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ: Our third major priority is to begin immediately the process of winding down of the war in Iraq. As a nation, we'll do a lot of soul searching about this grave passage in our history for years to come. But in the present, we've removed a dangerous tyrant from a volatile part of the world. It's now time for the more progressive Arab nations to help Iraq.

Meanwhile, we need to redistribute the funds used for the war to stepped-up border and port security. Closely related is a pressing need to adopt a rational immigration policy that protects us while balancing our freedoms and our heritage as an immigrant nation.

Energy and gas prices, and affordable health care for all Americans are critical issues among many others that we address in the platform section of our web site,

We have great faith in the voters of Idaho's First District, who always have been open to new ideas, and who support individuals willing to work hard to bring about progress. Together, I'm confident we can send a message directly from Idaho to Washington: It's time for change.

Vote Andy Hedden-Nicely, United Party, Nov. 7.