Statement of Dave Olson

I am running for Congress as an Independent Candidate to give the voters of Idaho this opportunity. I am the only Candidate to have detailed plans for achieving these goals.

Our nation is at a cross-road, where the very survival of our nation and our freedoms hang in the balance. Every voter's ballot is important and must be counted. We must take back America. Our elected officials are fiddling while America burns.

I pledge to give 110% of my time and effort to representing the ordinary people of Idaho. I will listen to their concerns and make their lives a little easier.

I've set three priority National Goals in my campaign:

  1. Reduce America's dependency on foreign oils, based on a 10 year program for development of hydrogen fuels.
  2. Reestablish control over our nation's borders and reduce the number of illegal aliens entering the United States.
  3. Reduce the national debt and require the government to balance the budget and live within it.

We can achieve these goals and redirect our nation by electing new leadership.