Statement of Bill Sali

When I say that I will fight for smaller government, lower taxes, traditional family values, secure borders, and a strong national defense, everyone who knows me knows that I mean it. My experience and credentials prove that I will work hard for those goals, and that I know how to succeed in moving Idaho's ball down the field.

Since I grew up in Idaho, I understand Idaho values. They're part of the fiber of my being. I want my children and grandchildren to experience all of the freedom of the same simple lifestyle I knew growing up here.

My sixteen years in the Idaho Legislature have prepared me to serve in Congress. While the scale is certainly different, the process is the same. Nobody is going to have to educate me in the finer points of parliamentary procedure or the politics of the legislative process.

A good legislator needs a firm philosophical foundation made up of solid core principles. Without that, the process of making laws will overwhelm him. While always being realistic, you can never lose sight of the larger reasons that the process exists in the first place: To protect and serve the people. When you get into the kind of bruising political fights that happen in committee rooms and on the floor, you better know what you want for America and for Idaho. I do.

I believe in the same things that the men and women who founded this great country believed; that our rights come from God, not from man, and are therefore inalienable, as the Declaration of Independence asserts.

I believe that our republican form of self-government is the greatest form of human government the world has ever known.

I believe in the rule of law and strict adherence to the Constitution. When I raise my right hand and swear to protect that Constitution, I'll do everything I can to fulfill that oath.

As a father and a grandfather, I'm deeply concerned about the kind of America my grandkids will live in. I'm determined that we leave them a nation that is free, secure and prosperous.

I love Idaho, and I love America. My father came as an immigrant to this great land of opportunity. He worked hard to make a better life for his family, and he taught me that we all owe a debt of gratitude to this country, and to pay that debt through public service.

With your help, I'll be working closely with the most powerful bloc in the House, the 110 members of the Republican Study Committee. Having their endorsement means I've already begun building the kind of important relationships that will enable me to hit the ground running in January on behalf of Idaho and Idaho's conservative values.

I humbly submit my experience and credentials to each of you and ask for your vote in November.