Statement of Cameron Forth

It's time for a change. Let's show the United States what an Independent Idahoan is about. It's about representing the people, not special interests. It's about supporting bills because they make sense, not because the party line says to do it. We need to protect the liberties of the people and get the government out of our personal lives. We also need to reduce the growing Federal Government and get the tax money back into the hands of the people. It's time to bring common sense back to Washington D.C.

I'm running for Congress because I believe that the United States is the best nation in the world, but I know we can do things better. I'm not a politician and never plan to be. I consider myself an average American who works hard and enjoys a challenge. I also have a love for people and can relate to just about anyone.

Most people I talk to think it's great that I'm running as an Independent, but don't really feel like Independents can make a difference in a 2-party system. To the contrary, I believe Independents can make all the difference. When parties are split, Independents will be the ones to turn the tides and do what's right for the people.