Statement of Donna Jones

You've heard the expression, "Government should be run like a business."

The common-sense principles that we see in the business world can very well apply when you - as voters - decide who is better qualified to serve as State Controller.

I submit that I am the better choice for this position.

The Idaho State Controller is the protector of public dollars. This individual manages 90-plus employees in four divisions who handle statewide payroll, statewide accounting, computer services and administration.

A Controller must have the ability to manage and lead. It's also essential for a Controller to have an understanding of the state budgeting system, and the ability to communicate at all levels of government. I have these qualities.

-- I've served in the Idaho Legislature for 12 years (serving Payette and Washington counties), and I know state government from top to bottom.

-- I am executive director of the Idaho Real Estate Commission, one of the largest regulatory agencies in Idaho. I serve more than 11,000 licensees a year and process more than 400 consumer complaints each year. In my eight years as director, I have sought to find new efficiencies and to give the greatest service possible to our state. I will look at all of state government with the same watchful eye.

-- I've owned and successfully operated private businesses.

I know all about watching over taxpayer dollars, because that's what I did while chairing the House Revenue and Taxation Committee.

My legislative experience also will be valuable as a member of the State Land Board. Some issues are complex and controversial. I have the ability to weigh those issues, effectively present arguments and reach clear and intelligent conclusions. I've been a licensed real estate broker for 25 years, so I understand property values, land use and investment.

The Land Board has one mission: to maximize the value of public lands. I take that mandate seriously, because for every dollar gained, it is one more dollar for our public schools.

State Controller is not a high-profile policy-making position. But it's one of the most important positions in state government. Quiet competence definitely is a virtue.

Something else I bring to the table is a long record of service, and passion, for the Republican Party. I have 30 years of dedicated work in the trenches. I've served as a precinct chairman, county chairman and region vice chairman. I'm proud to be serving as the Idaho Republican Party Secretary and Vice Chairman.

Those who know me best are well aware of the strengths I have for this job.

I ask for your vote on November 7.