Statement of Jackie Groves Twilegar

The Controller's office faces several key challenges and opportunities as we enter the 21st century.  The choice of who will lead the state's chief financial and technology function will impact whether those challenges will be faced and addressed with innovative, visionary leadership or whether we will tread water for the next four years, only to have the need for new initiatives become urgent.

I'll talk about this in greater detail in the debate on October 27th. Watch and compare. You'll understand why former State Controller J.D. Williams has endorsed my candidacy by serving as my Campaign Treasurer.


I am committed to:

These challenges require a Controller with professional training in finance beyond a GED or experience gained through the school of hard knocks. They require a finance professional.

That such qualifications are not spelled out in the Constitution is irrelevant - common sense regarding the increasing complexity of technology and financial management tells us so. Micron Technology has revenues and transactions equivalent in size to that managed by our State Controller. Neither Micron nor any other Fortune 500 company would hire a Chief Financial officer without a professional degree and relevant work experience, nor should the voters of Idaho.

As you can see, there's little about the decisions or responsibilities of the Controller's office that is partisan in nature. It's about financial competency, experience and leadership. With demonstrated ability in all three of these areas, I am the candidate best prepared to serve our state as your next State Controller. I ask for your vote on November 7th.