Statement of Jerry Brady

As the extremes fight it out on both ends of the political spectrum, I am proud to be independent, just like Idaho. I am not a career politician; I am a businessman who loves this state. I strive to be as honest and fair, as was my dad and a progressive leader, like James Brady, Idaho’s ninth governor and my great-grandfather.

I am interviewing with the people of this state for a job. I ask the people to grant me the opportunity to be their advocate. I love our land, our history, and our people. I am sworn to protect Idaho’s heritage, to cherish the best of our state, and to avoid what I see as serious threats to our way of life.

Idaho’s wild lands are our richest heritage. They need to be protected. When it comes to public access to public land, I say Idaho is not for sale. I oppose the sale of public lands and always will. From the Bruneau Canyons to the Teton waters, from the Snake River Canyon to the great forests of the north.

Our government is too often bought by special interests. When this happens, decisions are made that are good for the few,  not for the people of Idaho.

Building obsolete coal plants is not right for Idaho. Together with the people of the Magic Valley, I opposed a California utility that wanted to build such a plant near Jerome. Together, we said that Idaho’s clean air and water are not for sale and we won. Sustainable energy sources exist right here in Idaho and can be harnessed to lower costs and create Idaho jobs.

Idaho is a place to call home. But many young and talented Idahoans are leaving, courted by higher paying jobs in other states, while hi-tech companies are finding fewer Idahoans to fill their positions. As governor, I would drive us toward higher wage jobs, raise the minimum wage and build a system of community colleges that will train Idahoans for today’s best jobs and enable them to capitalize on innovative ideas and inventions here in Idaho.

Idaho is a place to build families and educate our children. Today, our families are in danger of losing traditional values. Too many children are growing up in broken homes without the structure they need. I will work to reduce Idaho’s divorce rate, increase the availability of early education programs, and encourage character education (not just grammar and science) in our public schools. Idaho can do better for its future generations.

People may have forgotten that public service isn’t about building a political career; it’s about finding a way to serve others. I believe that a leader ought not to do what is best for any one man, woman, or corporation. As governor, I will do what is right for Idaho’s greater good.

This November 7, I need your vote and the votes of your friends, family and loved ones. Help me protect the best of Idaho.

Jerry Brady