Statement of Larry LaRocco

I love my country and I love Idaho. Public service has been a major part of my life from serving in the Army and working on a Senate staff to serving in Congress. I believe Idaho deserves political leadership equal to the vibrancy and energy that exists in our private sector in Idaho. Idahoans hunger for transparency and balance in their government and want an open dialogue on issues important to Idaho families. I want to transform the office of Lieutenant Governor from being a "governor in waiting" to a position that will champion issues of importance to Idaho families.

I have focused on three issues so far during my campaign:
- The plague of methamphetamine in Idaho is devastating Idaho families.
- Education needs more attention by Idaho's political leadership.
- Idaho workers need good paying quality jobs with benefits.

Methamphetamine: I will be a champion to make Idaho a "meth free zone." This issue needs leadership in Idaho, and I will bring together law enforcement, rehabilitation, communication and education experts on this subject. I will guide a grassroots movement in Idaho that will elevate this issue, so families can fight this plague that is attacking all our communities.

Education: Idaho needs to expand educational opportunities to the Pre-K level where we will get our best return on investment (ROI), build a strong economy, and strengthen communities. We must develop a community college system based on the success of NIC and CSI. Community colleges are a key to continued economic growth. We must keep and attract good teachers.

Good paying quality jobs: We must start by immediately raising the minimum wage to $6.15. Quality jobs come with livable wages and health benefits. If the federal government does not act on affordable health care and health insurance, then states like Idaho must be the "drivers" on this issue.

I am a good listener. I don't do all the talking. My experience in the US Army, US Senate and as Idaho's Congressman from the 1st District give me a unique background to rejoin the political leadership team of Idaho. I am curious about the pressures Idaho families face each and every day, and I know how to act to bring Idaho solutions to Idaho problems. My business background also prepares me to discuss economic development with small, medium and large businesses.

I can be trusted with this responsibility no matter who is serving as governor of Idaho. I have demonstrated passion for serving the public over the past 30 years. I will listen to Idahoans of all persuasions and serve as a broker on tough issues that need fixing outside the courts.

Idaho needs an active Lieutenant Governor not a "governor in waiting." I will work with Idahoans in the workplace, in their communities, in their health care settings and in their schools to make sure that political balance is restored to Idaho.

I ask for your vote on November 7th.