Initiative Limiting Eminent Domain When Used For Economic Development; Defining Land Use Law; And Permitting Just Compensation For Regulatory Takings (Proposition 2)

On Thursday, October 19, at 8:30/7:30 p.m. MT/PT, a special 30-minute edition of Dialogue looks at Proposition 2, which would limit the state's power of eminent domain and allow compensation for regulatory takings.

Supporters argue this initiative would protect property rights and limit "regulatory takings." Opponents argue it would cripple local governments' ability to enforce planning and zoning regulations, force costly lawsuits, and allow development that could damage current property values. Host Joan Cartan-Hansen will be joined by private property rights attorney Heather Cunningham, initiative proponent, and Mark Bowen, Chairman-elect of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, initiative opponent.

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