Initiative Increasing K-12 Education Funding For Local Public Schools By Adding One Percent To State Sales Tax (Prop 1)

On Thursday, October 26, at 8:00/7:00 p.m. MT/PT, a special hour-long edition of Dialogue will examine Proposition One, which would ask lawmakers to find the equivalent of one penny in sales tax to fund education needs. That amount is estimated to be $219 million dollars.

Joining host Marcia Franklin will be Ryan Hill, a proponent of the legislation who is with Yes For Idaho Schools; Darrel Deide, an opponent of the legislation, who is with Idahoans for Excellence in Education; Brad Foltman, Administrator of the Division of Financial Management; and Judy Brown, Director, Idaho Center on Budget and Tax Policy.

The Proposition, which originally called for an increase in the sales tax by one cent, contained a clause which went into effect when the legislature raised the sales tax this summer. The clause requires the lawmakers to find the equivalent of a cent on the sales tax for programs that would be chosen by individual school districts. Those programs would fall into nine categories, including: providing textbooks and supplies, reducing class size, and providing classroom aides.

Proponents say the proposition is needed because the state hasn't done enough to fund education; opponents say the proposition is vague about where the money should come from and lacks accountability for how it would be spent.

Franklin and her guests will also talk about the advisory vote on school property taxes that came out of this summer's special legislative session.