Statement of Ron Crane

My goal is to offer prudent financial management of all state monies through the use of efficient safekeeping practices. At the same time it is my goal to maximize interest earnings for the state with sound and wise investments. Every dime earned in interest income is money that does not come from the pocket of taxpayers! To achieve this investment goal I have employed a strategy that calls for safety and liquidity, followed by yield.

Our investments must always be safe - this means preserving the state's capital resources while at the same time maintaining liquidity for the spending needs that arise quickly without warning. But I am also interested in yield - a good return on our investments while operating within the restrictions placed on me by the Idaho code and my own investment policy.

Hard-earned taxpayer dollars deserve thoughtful and careful consideration and management. Making these dollars stretch results in the successful operation of state government.

While I have greatly enjoyed serving as the State Treasurer of Idaho for the past eight years, this office does not belong to me. It belongs to the people of Idaho. I work for you and serve at your pleasure. It is my solemn obligation to never do anything that would disgrace or embarrass this office or the people who have allowed me to occupy it.

Thank you for the honor of serving you. I ask for your continued support on November 7.