Statement of Howard Faux

I am a second generation Idahoan, born in Buhl, Idaho where my father emigrated from Moroni, Utah in the early 1900s.

I graduated from Buhl High School and then continued my education at the University of Idaho receiving a degree in Business Administration. I served in the U. S. Navy prior to the end of World War II.

My business career consists of 43 years working in national banks in the State of Idaho with my final position being Vice President & Manager of the First National Bank of North Idaho in Sandpoint. I graduated from the Pacific Coast School of Banking, which offered advanced banking subjects to enhance my banking experience.

Since retiring from banking I entered the real estate field and am now Managing Associate Broker for Heritage Shores Realty, Inc., a member of the Selkirk Association of Realtors located in Bonner & Boundary counties.

Service to my community include a 30-year membership in Kiwanis Club, lifetime member of the Elks Club, Board of Directors member of Bonner General Hospital for 29 years, past commissioner of the Westside Fire District for Bonner County and involvement in youth baseball for 8 years.

I am married to Mary, have six children and eighteen grandchildren.

I am interested in seeking the position of Idaho State Treasurer for the following reasons:

-- It is time for a change in the Idaho State Treasurer's office and to set a precedent for a change.

-- It is also time for a representative from North Idaho to have a say in the state government. We are all one state and should be shown there are opportunities for all citizens to participate in government affairs. A change would encourage others from all parts of the state to challenge for the various offices.

-- I have been a lifelong resident of the State of Idaho, and to my advantage and to the State, I have lived in north and south Idaho, giving me an understanding of the different sections of Idaho.

-- I do not believe a candidate can have a good feel for a state as large as Idaho while living in only one area of the State. The office holder should be aware of the other sections of the State and different needs for each.

-- The past history of the occupant of the office indicates a comfortable position and, with no challenge, does not provide a reason for the office holder to describe a reason why he is there.

-- I have the financial background to perform the duties of Idaho State Treasurer. Also, my educational credits provide a sound basis for the position of Idaho State Treasurer.

-- I have had the responsibility of managing and directing employees to support the position I was given. The experience covers a period of 40 years in management.

In conclusion, the State will be improved by the change of occupants in the Office of Idaho State Treasurer and I want to be that change.