Statement of Myron Dan Gabbert

Reasons to Vote for Myron Dan Gabbert

1. MORE EXPERIENCE: I graduated from Law School in 1967 and started as a law clerk with the Idaho Supreme Court. My opponent graduated in 1986. I have almost double his time of experience.

2. BROADER EXPERIENCE: I have been both in public service as a lawyer and a private practicing attorney. I was with the Supreme Court, then with a small law firm. Later I practiced with a firm that grew from medium to large sized. In McCall I took over the law practice of a retiring attorney. Since 2001, I've been the part time prosecuting attorney of Adams County. Thus, my experience has been in almost every type of practice and I have dealt with broader aspects of the law., concentrating on business, especially real estate law. In contrast, my opponent 's major experience was with the Idaho State Tax Commission as a staff attorney and he has always been a government paid employee. He does not have the breadth of experience I possess. My extensive real estate experiences will be very valuable while sitting on the State Land Board helping to administer the state's public lands.

3. RECOGNIZED HIGHER RATED LAWYER: Martindale-Hubble Law Directory is a universally recognized law rating book which rates U.S. lawyers as A, B, C or not rated. The ratings are established by one's peers. I am proud to have had an "A" rating since 1990.

In 2004 my opponent was not even listed in the directory, i.e., he was unknown to them. In 2005, his name was listed for the first time, but as unrated, which is lower than a "C".

4. MORE AND BETTER SERVICE FOR THE MONEY: I promise Idaho residents better quality service at less cost. I will implement programs to save residents both tax and other dollars. For examples of my ideas, see web site:

5. SENSE OF DUTY: Since becoming prosecuting attorney of Adams County and thoroughly enjoying that part time position, I believe I can bring my managerial and negotiating skills to Boise and in fact, have a sense of duty resting upon me to do so. I believe we need to be of service to our fellow human beings and becoming Attorney General would fulfill this belief and sense of duty in me.

6. GUARDIAN OF PUBLIC TRUST: I am not a politician and I get tired of politicians who pander to voters by floating ideas or policies or who propose laws which are basically bad ideas, illegal or unconstitutional. These force taxpayers to waste money litigating them. I pledge to do all in my power to thwart such efforts.

7. CONCLUSION OF CAREER: Finally, I wish to conclude my legal career as Attorney General. I seek no higher office and pledge to term limit myself to a maximum of two terms. I don't think my opponent will say the same.