Format and Rules for
League of Women Voters / Press Club Debates

2008 General Election

Candidates may bring notes and prepared statements to use during the forum. You may not bring props to display from the stage.

Once production of a debate begins, it will continue even if only one candidate remains on the set.

All debates will be 60 minutes.

The format is fluid, with an Idaho Public Television moderator and two reporters chosen by the Idaho Press Club.

  • A reporter will ask a candidate a question.
  • That candidate will be give one and a half minutes to respond.
  • The other candidate(s) will also be given one and a half minutes to respond.
  • The moderator will allow some cross talk and/or follow-up from reporters as well as additional questions from the moderator.
  • At a certain point, the moderator will move on to another topic.
  • Every attempt will be made to keep time equal among candidates, but that cannot be guaranteed. The moderator has the authority to manage response and discussion time.

The will also be some questions from the general public which may be videotaped “man on the street” or collected by mail or e-mail and read by the moderator.

  • Each candidate will be allowed one and a half minutes for closing remarks.
  • Order of seating and closing remarks will be determined by draw of names or numbers.
  • League members will be timekeepers.
  • Audience members must remain quiet during the debate.