Statement of John Bradbury

Average Idahoans can't afford the court system, can't decide for themselves who their judges will be, can't know what complaints have been made against their judges and then are asked to trust the system. In the last three years 22 district and appellate judges did not finish their terms and their successors were appointed on a partisan basis despite the constitutional mandate for non-partisan elections. The results are only one woman appointee and no justice from northern and eastern Idaho for the first time.

In the three years before I was elected there were 465 felony charges filed and only three trials. I have reduced court time from hours to minutes by hearing motions telephonically and by having a pending deadline on every case so they move through the system expeditiously. The result is 70 trials in seven years. Felons are sentenced for the crimes they committed instead of on a reduced plea bargain and defendants get their constitutional right to a jury trial. I have proved that people will use a court system if they can afford it and trust it.

When it comes time to mark the judicial ballot ask yourself if you will be better served by judges you select who have to answer to you or judges who are chosen by politicians. It should come as no surprise that the chairs of the Democratic and Republican parties have endorsed my opponent in what is supposed to a non-partisan election. If you want politics as usual you should vote for my opponent who has been an appointed judge for 28 years. I suggest new ideas and a justice who thinks it is your judiciary and it should answer to you is the better choice.

John Bradbury