Statement of Roger Burdick

During the next 6 years, the Idaho Supreme Court will be called upon to decide serious and complicated water issues that will affect the lives of everyone in southern Idaho. I presided as Judge of Idaho's water court for 3 years and have a deep understanding of water law and of the Snake River hydrologic system. I gained a reputation for fairness and competence. My experience will be invaluable in deciding the water management disputes that will influence the future of our state and I would like to play a part in that work.

Another challenge we face is the required cuts as a result of the economic downturn . The magistrate court, district court and appellate courts are all very different in their caseload, case types, and economic needs. I am uniquely qualified to make needed changes in the future to these courts because I have spent significant time at each level. The Idaho court system is too important in the preservation of personal and property rights of it citizens to depend upon political jingles for change. We need a reasoned review of the issues based upon the truth.

I feel that a court must follow the plain meaning of statues and Constitution and I want to continue to make sure that value continues in the court of last resort for Idaho citizens.