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Other programs related to the subject of Evolution have aired on IdahoPTV as well.

Two scientists, a biologist and a biochemist, with the Institute for Creation Research in California explain why they support the concept of creation rather than evolution.

The creation model of Earth history proposes that sedimentary layers such as those in the Grand Canyon, granite rocks, coal and oil deposits, all happened rapidly rather than slowly.

How are other public television stations presenting programs related to evolution and creationism? Read a recent article from Current.

Did IdahoPTV air programs focused on the creationist perspective in response to political pressure? Listen to a report from KBSX, NPR News 91 (September 25, 2001).

Some claim that the clash between evolutionist and creationist perspectives is really a disagreement on logic: inductive vs. deductive. Listen to a report from KBSX, NPR News 91 (September 26, 2001), featuring Robert Gentry, physicist & creationist, and Maynard Miller, geologist & former Idaho State Legislator.


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