PRESS RELEASE — Monday, April 30, 2012
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IdahoPTV Garners 17 Idaho Press Club Awards

Idaho Public Television captured 17 Idaho Press Club Best of 2011 Awards at the IPC's recent annual banquet in Boise.

The statewide public television system received six first place awards and swept one category, taking first, second and third in Documentary-TV.

The categories, awards, and programs and individuals are:

Public Affairs Program — TV-Studio, Second Place, D4K "Snakes," Joan Cartan-Hansen, Al Hagenlock, Jay Krajic, Sue Nass, Pat Metzler; Third Place, DIALOGUE "Captured by the Taliban," Marcia Franklin, Melanie Corry, Ricardo Ochoa.

Public Affairs Program — TV-Field, Second Place, OUTDOOR IDAHO "The People's Land," Bruce Richert, Pat Metzler, John Crancer, Jay Krajic, Hank Nystrom, Aaron Kunz, Jeff Tucker.

Documentary — TV, First Place, THE COLOR OF CONSCIENCE: HUMAN RIGHTS IN IDAHO, Marcia Franklin, Jay Krajic; Second Place, OUTDOOR IDAHO "Boat Builders," Pat Metzler, John Crancer, Jay Krajic, Chuck Cathcart, Kris Millgate; Third Place, OUTDOOR IDAHO "Writers at Harriman," Marcia Franklin, Jay Krajic, Dave Butler.

Outdoor/Environment Report — TV, First Place, OUTDOOR IDAHO "Working for Wildlife," Bruce Reichert, Pat Metzler, Kris Millgate, Hank Nystrom, Dave Butler; Second Place, OUTDOOR IDAHO "Eyes of the Forest," John Crancer, Chuck Cathcart, Bruce Reichert, Cassandra Groll, Janette Crancer, Dave Butler.

Government/Political — TV, First Place, DIALOGUE "Budget Cuts 2011," Joan Cartan-Hansen, Richardo Ochoa, Melanie Corry, McKenna Lowe; Third Place, IDAHO REPORTS, Greg Hahn, Seth Ogilvie, Kara Veit, Bruce Reichert, Jeff Tucker, Cassandra Groll.

Television Writing — TV, First Place, THE COLOR OF CONSCIENCE: HUMAN RIGHTS IN IDAHO, Marcia Franklin; Third Place, D4K "Snakes," Joan Cartan-Hansen.

Videography — TV, First Place, OUTDOOR IDAHO "Salmon River Lodges & Legacies," Jay Krajic.

Video Essay, First Place, Sauni Symonds, "Heli-Skiing."

TV Graphics, Second Place, IDAHOPTV, Cassandra Groll.

Media Kit — PR, Second Place, THE COLOR OF CONSCIENCE: HUMAN RIGHTS IN IDAHO, Lisa Sommer, Anne Peterson, Bob Evancho.

Website-Special Purpose — TV, Second Place, D4K, Rick Penticoff, Stephanie Dickey, Peggy Hurd, John Britschgi, Kris Freeland, Joan Cartan-Hansen.