PRESS RELEASE — Friday, May 10, 2013
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Challis, Salmon, Leadore Receive IdahoPTV Signal; Borrowed Microwave Equipment Stabilizes Signal

After the latest installation of borrowed digital microwave equipment, Idaho Public Television’s Challis translator on Grouse Peak appears to be stable and sending a consistent signal.

The Challis translator serves Challis and via a separate microwave relay, the communities of Salmon and Leadore and their surrounding areas with over–the–air broadcast signals from the statewide public television system.

The original 20–plus years–old equipment, which provided the first leg of the relay system from Summit Reservoir to Grouse Peak wore out and could not be replaced or repaired because neither the equipment nor its parts are currently being manufactured.

“We want to warmly thank one of our community partners, KIVI-TV,” said Director of Technology Rich Van Genderen. “The Journal Broadcast Group station, based in the Treausre Valley, is loaning us a digital microwave system for use until we complete the purchase process for a replacement.”

In addition, IdahoPTV tried many different combinations of equipment built for other purposes to make the old relay system work.

“Unfortunately, none of them provided stable operation,” Van Genderen said. “We certainly also want to commend our staff technicians for their many long hours of tinkering and especially for the travel to wintry mountain–top sites in less than desirable conditions. Murphy’s Law was alive and well during this difficult season.”

IdahoPTV is planning to acquire new microwave equipment for the relay system and have it in place before next winter.

“We apologize for the long outage and we are grateful for the patience of the people living in these areas,” Van Genderen said. “Our goal is to provide universal service throughout the state; obviously rugged terrain, harsh conditions and antiquated equipment got the better of us this time around.”