PRESS RELEASE — Wednesday, January 30, 2013
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Microwave Equipment Problems Leave Challis, Salmon, Leadore Without IdahoPTV Signal

— IdahoPTV Engineers Working To Find Solution

Idaho Public Television engineers are working to restore the public television system’s signal to Challis, Salmon and Leadore, which have been without service since the last week of December. The breakdown has been in aging equipment at a microwave site.

“IdahoPTV engineers have struggled to restore the failed microwave link between Summit Lake and Grouse Peak near Challis,” says IdahoPTV Director of Technology Rich Van Genderen.

Because the system failure is a microwave transmitter that is more than 20 years old at the Summit Reservoir site, no signal is reaching Grouse Summit near Challis, which normally conveys the signal to the other two communities.

“Parts are scarce at best for a microwave transmitter that old. Additionally weather and machinery conditions have thwarted field work for the past month,” Van Genderen says. “We’re making every reasonable attempt to locate and procure reliable microwave equipment and get it into service safely. We do apologize for this lengthy outage.”

Challis viewers normally receive the signal through K12LS-D. At Salmon it is through K49I-C and at Leadore, it is K14IJ-D.

Some parts that were obtained are too new to work with the old equipment, which has increased the delay. “We are continuing to try methods and equipment we have access to that may supply a renewed signal through the rest of the winter until a more permanent solution can be found,” Van Genderen says.