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About this story:

  • Author: Ayda
  • Title: The Power of Pi
  • Place: First
  • Grade: Second
  • Year: 2017

The Power of Pi
By Ayda

In the city of Pythagorean lived a girl named Pi. Pi was the youngest mathematician in Pythagorean and a member of Googal-Flex Club, a secret group that used math to solve mysteries and keep the city safe. She was brilliant and kind-hearted. Everyone in Pythagorean liked her, well almost everyone.
A villain named Brian despised everything to do with math, including mathematicians. Brian developed a plan to take over Pythagorean and get rid of Pi. Brian knew that Pi had one weakness, Pie (the dessert, not the number or her name). Brian sent Pi a letter inviting her to judge a pie baking contest outside the city. 

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