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December Birthdays in our Kids Club:

Turning 1

  • Jyllian S. of Magna, UT
  • Owen G. of Boise, ID

Turning 2

  • Ayra P. of Meridian, ID
  • Ethan D. of Boise, ID
  • Isabella D V. of Boise, ID
  • Lane C. of Boise, ID
  • Solveij P. of Boise, ID

Turning 3

  • April S. of Boise, ID
  • Otavie A O. of Shelley, ID

Turning 4

  • Case S. of Boise, ID
  • Cecilia T. of Eagle, ID
  • Jack-Jack G. of Twin Falls, ID
  • Natalie E. of Twin Falls, ID
  • Reece H. of Boise, ID

Turning 5

  • Beatrix G. of Boise, ID
  • Bentley B. of Rigby, ID
  • Cyndel M. of Rigby, ID
  • Ellizane F. of Idaho Falls, ID
  • Joseph S. of Idaho Falls, ID
  • Kathrine C. of Roberts, ID
  • Lilly W. of Meridian, ID
  • Rhett C. of Lewiston, ID

Turning 6

  • Abigail A. of Rexburg, ID
  • Dax J. of Caldwell, ID
  • Ian D. of Buhl, ID
  • Jacob A. of Blackfoot, ID
  • Jonathon N E. of Weiser, ID
  • Kaybree G. of Rexburg, ID
  • Kylyn P. of Middleton, ID
  • Levi G. of Meridian, ID
  • Penny P. of Caldwell, ID
  • Porter P. of Boise, ID
  • Samual W. of Boise, ID
  • Serenity M. of Caldwell, ID
  • Tyler E. of Boise, ID

Turning 7

  • Aioen S F. of Meridian, ID
  • Alice H. of Port Orchard, WA
  • Anna B. of Kuna, ID
  • Dillon C. of Boise, ID
  • Emily G. of Twin Falls, ID
  • Grayson V. of Pullman, WA
  • Henry M. of Boise, ID
  • Karma G. of Boise, ID
  • Kirsten H. of Emmett, ID
  • Rachael G. of Sugar City, ID
  • Summer D. of Buhl, ID

Turning 8

  • Cooper C. of Kuna, ID
  • Cristobal Z. of Blackfoot, ID
  • Eleanor B. of Boise, ID
  • Eleazar M. of Nampa, ID
  • Emily J. of Meridian, ID
  • Eoin E. of Eagle, ID
  • Jadyn S. of Nampa, ID
  • John M S. of Eagle, ID
  • Lorelei N. of Eagle, ID
  • Mateo W. of Boise, ID
  • Matilda H. of Twin Falls, ID
  • Olivia F. of Weiser, ID
  • Quinn J. of Boise, ID
  • Rosa Z. of Blackfoot, ID
  • Zachary W. of Boise, ID

*Birthday information must be received by the 10th of the month prior to the birth month to be included in the birthday announcements. For questions about the Kids Club, please visit Membership Services or call us at 1-800-543-6868 or email us at