Journals from the River

October 7, 1805.
"Proceeded on passed 10 rapids which wer dangerous...the Canoe in which I was Struck a rock and Sprung a leak in the 3rd rapid.... Had the Canoes unloaded examined and mended a Small leake which we discovered in a thin place in her Side..." William Clark.

October 8, 1805.
"Passed 15 rapids four Islands and a Creek on the Stard. Side at 16 miles just below which one canoe in which Sergt. Gass was Stearing and was nearle turning over, she Sprung a leak or Split open on one side and Bottom filled with water & Sunk on the rapid, the men, Several of which Could not Swim hung on to the Canoe, I had one of the other Canoes unloaded & with the assistance of our Small Canoe and one Indian Canoe took out every thing & toed the empty Canoe on shore..." William Clark

October 10.
"We arrived at the heade of a verry bad riffle at which place we landed near 8 lodges of Indians on the Lard Side to view the riffle, having passed two islands & Six rapids Several of them verry bad. After viewing this riffle two Canoes were taken over verry well; the third struck on a rock which took us an hour to get her off which was effected without her receiving a greater injurey than a Small Split in her Side which was repaired in a Short time, we purchased fish & dogs of those people, dined and proceeded on." William Clark


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