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Frontiersman with a RifleLewis and Clark were the first white men to set foot in Idaho. No other state can make that claim. But their fabled journey through Idaho's Bitterroot Mountains nearly defeated the Expedition. Two hundred years later Idaho Public Television examines the most difficult part of the Lewis and Clark Trail with a modern day group of explorers.

Video TapeCopies of the hour long "Echoes of a Bitter Crossing: Lewis & Clark in Idaho" are available for purchase from Idaho Public Television by calling toll free 1-877-224-7200 or, in Boise, 373-7220. The cost of the video is $19.95.

Also available is the half-hour OUTDOOR IDAHO version, "Lewis & Clark in Idaho". The cost of this video is $16.95.

There is a shipping fee of $5.00 for the first tape and $.50 for each additional tape.

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