Lewis and Clark Across the Mountains 
An Engineer Tracks the Trail

Dedicated to the many hardy souls who have travelled the Lolo Trail
Steve F. Russell
Iowa State University


The author wishes to thank the many people and organizations that have influenced this work.

Clearwater National Forest
Lolo National Forest
U.S. Forest Service - Region 1
National Archives
National Park Service
Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee
Nez Perce National Historic Trail Foundation

"What is history but a fable agreed upon..."

Napoleon I   1769-1821

Duane Annis
Julia A. Davis
Gus Denton
Don Denton
Steve Elkinton
Win Green
Alta Guzman
George Harbaugh
James P. Hendrix, Jr.
Cheri Jones
Tim Lewis
David Miles
Diane Miles
Jamie Pinkham
Karl Roenke
Judy Space
Bob Spencer
Fred Trevey
Chris Webb
Leroy West
Brenda White
Darla Williams
Karen Wilson
"One cannot explore the earth's surface from an observatory, nor by mathematics, nor by the power of logic; it must be done physically..."

Gustavus Cheyney Doan  1840 - 1892

Special Acknowledgement

A very special thanks goes to the following people who have given extra measures of their time and talent so that this work could be successful.

Robert E. Anderson, Jr.
Horace Axtell
Dallas Emch
Dennis Elliott
James R. Fazio
Jeff Fee
Dan Gard
Tom Geouge
Linnea Keating
Linda Lilly
Sandi McFarland
Milo Mcleod
William R. (Bud) Moore

Barb & Harlan Opdahl
Allen Pinkham
Charles (Chuck) H. Raddon
Bruce Reichert
Deanna Riebe
Rebecca F. Russell
Clarke R. Russell
Kathleen F. Russell
Ralph Space
Norman Steadman
Del White
Merle Wells
Sam Wormley

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