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Laura Bush Talks to IdahoPTV About Early Childhood Education
laura bush
Laura Bush, in Boise on June 10, for the Early Learning Summit for the Northwest Region, shared some of her views about early childhood education in an exclusive interview with IdahoPTV producer Marcia Franklin.

"We want parents to know that it's very important that they read to children."

Hear more from the First Lady on the importance of parents, as well as government-funded programs, in early childhood education.


"If parents can make sure that their children are bi-literate -- if they can read and write in English, and read and write in their native language -- then they have a huge advantage."

Hear more from the First Lady on the value of a child learning to read in their first language.


During the conference, Laura Bush praised public television's children's programs and educational outreach, and talked about how parents can use these resources to help their children.

You will need Real Player to view these video clips.

On June 10th, 2002, the Lee Pesky Learning Center, of Boise, ID, coordinated with Patricia Kempthorne, First Lady of Idaho to host "The Beginnings-Early Learning Summit for the Northwest Region." The event featured a visit from First Lady, Laura Bush as well as presentations from seven nationally recognized researchers in the field of early learning.

To watch a 2 hour edited version of the Early Learning Summit Click here.

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