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Idaho Public Television partners with local cities and universities to provide even more educational resources for students and teachers around the state on educational cable access channels. Our current partners include Boise State University and the University of Idaho. In Boise, we provide educational programming for Boise’s cable education channels—channel 19 for Cable One subscribers, and channel 39 for WBS/Sprint wireless cable customers. In Moscow, we program the cable education channel; channel 8 and in Lewiston, Idaho we program PEG Channel 13.

In combining the resources of IdahoPTV, Boise State University, and the University of Idaho, we are able to offer cable viewers in Boise and Moscow a richer variety of high quality educational programs than was available before. In addition, these partnerships help prepare us for a digital TV future. Digital technology will give us the capability of multi-casting up to four regular program channels. Partnering with Idaho’s universities will help ensure that quality programming on a future DTV education channel will be available to both our cable TV and our over-the-air DTV viewers.

Cable viewers will now find educational and public affairs programs from four sources— PBS-You (a production of PBS Adult Learning Services); Annenberg/CPB Learn; Idaho Public Television; and Boise State University or University of Idaho. This programming may include:
  • College-level telecourses for self-directed study in science, social science, and the humanities.
  • Foreign language instruction in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and English as a second language.
  • Parenting and work skill development resources.
  • How-to programs on home improvement, gardening, cooking, computer use, and more.
  • U/I or BSU courses, student productions, and special events.
  • Professional development resources for educators.
  • Overnight learning block for K-12 educators to record and use in the classroom.
  • Saturday and Sunday morning children’s educational television.
  • IdahoPTV public-affairs programs, including OUTDOOR IDAHO and DIALOGUE.

  • Schedules for the educational cable channels are available or as a daily program listing. You can also view our daily feed schedule grid.

    IdahoPTV continues to upgrade its technology and pursue partnerships with those Idaho colleges and universities necessary to bring similar educational programming to other areas of the state. Stay tuned for future announcements about new services in your area!

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