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Getting a Job?
  • CAREER ADVANTAGE is a series that helps you identify the job you want, and then get it!
  • WORKPLACE ESSENTIAL SKILLS provides an easy way to help you develop basic job skills. The 25 half-hour programs demonstrate what skills are needed to find a job and how to use those skills in realistic workplace settings.
  • JOBS IN IDAHO For exploring Idaho-specific career and educational opportunities, hook into the Idaho Career Information System (CIS). You can get accurate, up-to-date, unbiased information about occupational opportunities, their related educational programs of study and training, and the schools, both locally and nationally, that offer them. Then, you can even compare the cost and length of different training programs. CIS is available in Job Service offices, colleges, and almost every high school in the state. Try this on-line demonstration of the system to get a taste of what it offers.

Need a GED?

  • No high-school diploma? Looking for information about getting your GED? Look no further! Beginning in October - we will air the new series GED Connection to help you pass the new GED test! There are 39 episodes in this series. We will air 2 episodes everyday Monday - Friday. Stay tuned for dates & times!
  • WORKPLACE ESSENTIAL SKILLS is another great resource for polishing up your reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills to help you prepare for the GED.
Going to College?
  • Whether it is choosing the college to attend to figuring out how to pay for it, getting ready for college is a big deal! There are a lot of things to consider when planning for college and we have a lot of resources to help you in the decision making process.