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Choosing the college you are going to attend is a big deal! Even before that decision is ready to be made, though, there are several key questions for prospective college students and their families to consider... How are colleges different, and which is best for you? What will college life be like? What are the specific skills that will help you succeed in college? And the big question - how is it going to be paid for?

Idaho Public Television offers a number of programs to help with these questions.

  • Road to College: A Financial Aid Primer for Parents & Students, 2002 Edition. This program follows Eric and his parents through the college admission maze, including filling out intricate financial aid forms. There are helpful interviews with college officals and students. Airs December 28, Saturday, at 8:00/7:00 a.m. MT/PT.

  • Funding Your Future This was a cooperative project between the Idaho Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and IdahoPTV. Financial aid and admission officers from local universities discussed sources of financial aid for college, how to line up these resources, and answered viewer questions regarding financial aid and admissions. You can order this video-tape from Idaho Public Television at 1-877-224-7200 . The price is $19.95 with the usual $5.00 shipping and handling and tax, for a total of $24.95. Or you may email

Your College Experience: Keys to Success
This series has been designed for use with students in both colleges and secondary schools to teach, inform, motivate and stimulate lively group discussion. Based on the nationally-acclaimed University 101 freshman seminar course at the University of South Carolina directed by John N. Gardner, this series is highly adaptable to other educational settings and can be used with a variety of freshman seminar texts.


#101 Keys to Success
The factors that contribute to student success. Decision-making and goal-setting to achieve success in college.

#102 Time Management
The foundation of academic success--balancing freedom and responsibility.

#103 Learning Styles
Knowing and appreciating personal learning styles and different styles of teaching. Learning the importance of study groups.

#104 Listening and Learning in the Classroom
Learning to practice active listening skills. Developing an efficient and effective note-taking system.

#105 A Sound Approach to Textbooks
Learning how to read difficult text material. Developing better reading comprehension.

#106 Making the Grade
Developing test-taking strategies. Dealing with test anxiety.

#107 Teacher and Student-Partners in Learning
Learning about and feeling comfortable with professors. Understanding how college professors have different expectations and behaviors than high school teachers.

#108 An Information Age Introduction to the Library
Understanding the importance of information and how it can be retrieved, processed and used. Introducing college library services.

#109 Finding Answers-Your College Catalog & Academic Advisor or Counselor
Introducing students to the key components of the college catalog.  Defining the role of the academic advisor. Developing a good relationship with an academic advisor.

#110 Major, Career, Transfer Planning
Introducing a process for career planning and major selection. Identifying personal interests and skills.

#111 Yourself and Others
Developing effective styles of interpersonal communication. Balancing respect and assertiveness. Learning about the benefits of involvement.

#112 Healthy Decisions-Sexuality, Drugs and Stress
Making responsible decisions about sexual behavior, drugs and alcohol, and stress. Understanding sexual harassment.

If an educational institution wishes to use this series for educational purposes, that institution must pay the $250 licensing fee. Please direct inquiries to 1-800-257-2578, PBS Adult Learning Services, or e-mail Adult Learning Services.


Commonly Asked Questions

Q - How do I find out about scholarships?

A - Sources include high school counselors, the college or university itself, civic groups (Elks, Rotary, etc.), parents or your employer, and religious organizations. You may also do a scholarship search by using the Internet. Several scholarship searches exist on the Web; to link to many of them, go to the Idaho Association of Student Financial Aid Administrator's web site

It is recommended that you not pay an outside agency to help you do a scholarship search; you have access to the same information by going to the Web. Also be on the lookout for scholarship scams (check out the Federal Trade Commission's Scholarship Scam website)

Q - Should I fill out the FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?

A - Yes. Until you complete the FAFSA, you will not know what types of aid, if any, for which you will qualify. It takes about an hour to complete and there is no cost other than the postage stamp if you choose to mail in the paper copy. (You may also apply using the internet at The FAFSA is available at all high schools, colleges and universities. Order our program to learn tips on filling out the FAFSA.

Q - What happens if my financial circumstances change and I need more financial aid?

A - Visit with the financial aid officer at your college/university to see if there are other options. There may be a way to obtain additional assistance if you have an extreme change in your financial situation or have unusual financial circumstances.

Helpful Links to guide you through the Financial Aid process

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Idaho Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

The Coalition of America's Colleges and Universities

Project EASI

The Financial Aid Information Page

Financial Aid Search Through the Web

Federal Trade Commission's $cholarship $cam Campaign

CollegeNET's Mach25 Scholarship Search

College Scholarships and Financial Aid Page

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