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Descriptive Video Comes to Idaho

Idaho Education Services for the Deaf and Blind (IESDB), formerly ISDB, and IdahoPTV have partnered to bring Descriptive Video Service to sight-impaired audiences. DVS provides narrated descriptions of a program or movie's key visual elements such as actions, settings, body language and graphics, all without interfering with the program dialogue.

Many of IdahoPTV's educational programs are provided with DVS. A partial list includes NATURE, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN FRONTIERS, and the children's programs, ARTHUR, MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD, and ZOBOOMAFOO.

In addition, DVS description is available on most of public television's prime time series including MYSTERY!, NOVA, and MASTERPIECE, as well as on over 200 popular PBS home videos. Altogether, DVS is offered by 169 Public Television Stations, reaching over 80% of US television households.

Since 1986 DVS, pioneered by WGBH in Boston, has been turning pictures into words, enabling thousands of people who are blind or have low vision to more fully enjoy television and movies on video. The DVS weaves carefully crafted descriptions of a program or movie's key visual elements into the natural pauses of the program or movie dialogue.

IESDB Outreach teachers experienced Idaho Public Television's new Descriptive Video Service for the first time in February 2001. During on-campus sessions in Gooding, Vicky Roper, Outreach Director, began working with the regional advisors to teachers and parents of vision-impaired students to integrate DVS encoded television programs into training materials.

The IESDB Outreach Program will help bring bring these services to Idaho's visually impaired citizens. Outreach includes in-service training and curriculum development for teachers as well as technical assistance for students with visual impairment in their public school classrooms. Services to aid infants and toddlers with vision impairments are provided through home intervention and preschools.

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