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Extend the school day by discussing what you watch as a family, doing further research on issues and ideas presented or spark a new interest for the family.

The Kids & Family area of our web site has links to all of our great children's programming and associated Web sites. Find out what's airing today on your favorite show, or take an interactive journey online! Also included in this area are tons of resources for parents and caregivers to help you extend the learning beyond the television screen with related activities that are highlighted in our Connections newsletter!

Looking for a job? Want to get a better job? Learn the basic skills to succeed in life, whether it is the first step towards your GED, writing an effective resume, or learning how to communicate with your boss, Idaho Public Television has resources to help you get ahead!

Choosing the college you are going to attend is a big deal! Even before that decision is ready to be made, though, there are several key questions for prospective college students and their families to consider... How are colleges different, and which is best for you? What will college life be like? What are the specific skills that will help you succeed in college? And the big question - how is it going to be paid for?