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Instructional Technology Survival Skills, A How-to Series for Faculty

Instructional technology has taken quantum leaps in just a few short years, dramatically changing how people learn and how they are taught. These rapid advances present many opportunities for enriching both traditional and online courses. But the adjustments they necessitate in classroom environments and teaching styles can overwhelm even the most dedicated educators. This new Instructional Technology Survival Skills series is designed to help faculty and administrators master the challenge.

IdahoPTV will be rebroadcasting this series during our overnight broadcast on the following dates:

PROGRAM 1 How to Master IT! Surviving and Thriving in Your First Online Course
Airs Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 2:00/1:00 am MT/PT

Teaching an online course is a whole new world, and the more involved the course is, the greater the differences seem to an instructor with little or no experience in this environment.

Whether developing your own course or adapting an existing one, teaching online for the first time is difficult. But there are many ways to minimize the pitfalls and ease the anxieties as you'll discover throughout this program. Experienced educators will share their strategies, offer helpful hints, and provide valuable insights for conducting online courses successfully.

PROGRAM 2 How to Apply IT! Using Information Technology in a Traditional Classroom
Airs January 13, 2001 at 2:00/1:00 am MT/PT

Computer technology pervades the daily lives of most students today, so they fully expect to use it in their college courses—even in classroom settings. As a result, classroom teaching is being expanded and re-defined in exciting ways.

Learn how to use computers to increase convenience and efficiency and use e-mail and online discussion forums for increasing communication among and with students.

PROGRAM 3 How to Succeed with IT! Improving Multimedia and Online Courses with Instructional Design
Friday, March 1 at 3:00/2:00 am MT/PT

Faculty today are looking for ways to teach more effectively, a task made more demanding by new waves of students with busy lives, their need to have options in their academic work, and to see its real-world value. This informative "how-to" program will examine:

  • Basic principles of instructional design
  • Examples of instructional design for top-quality multimedia and online courses, which are student-centered and self-directed

Visit  www.pbs.org/als/programs/itsk0100.htm for additional information.