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Overview of K-12

K-12Public Television's original mandate was to teach, and public broadcasting has always recognized the medium's power to inspire and inform. As a State Board of Education agency, Idaho Public Television is dedicated to helping provide educational opportunities to the residents of Idaho. In particular, we are focused on the needs of teachers and students in Idaho.

This is where you will find broadcast resources, professional development opportunities, and even lesson plans, to help you as you develop your curriculum or seek new and innovative learning opportunities for you and your students. Enhance classroom learning with video and online materials, including lesson plans, teacher guides, and Instructional Televison designed specifically for the classroom.

Classroom Calendar
Every month during the school year, we create a Classroom Calendar and Newsletter for teachers highlighting upcoming programming for use in the classroom. Print the pdf files with Adobe Acrobat. Looking for ways to use TV more effectively in the classroom? Don't miss these technology tips. Also check out the extended rights for the programs that we air-- you can tape and use some of our broadcast resources for a year or more!

Overnight Learning Block
Every morning during the school year from 1:00 a.m./MIDNIGHT - 4:00/3:00 a.m., we assemble educational programming designed for use in the classroom. During this block of time,we air series from our primetime programming including Nature and NOVA, as well as selections from our children's schedule, professional development workshops, and programs designed specifically for use in the classroom. All of these programs have extended copyrights for teachers to tape and use, as well as companion websites with more great resources! Check out the Overnight Learning Block Schedule so you don't miss any of these great programs for use in your classroom.

Science Trek logoScience Trek
Don't miss our monthly science program, Science Trek. It's designed to get your students interacting with local scientists! Our award-winning Web site features facts, links, reading lists, a glossary, podcasts of programs; video shorts, full episodes and special Science Trek web-exclusive programming.

Lesson Plans

There are over 96 lesson plans on our site with links to thousands of downloadable lesson plans and teacher guides for every grade level and curriculum area!

Where Fun and Learning Click!Where Fun And Learning Click
Don't miss these sites for intermediate students that provide a place to learn and have fun, while giving you the opportunity to bring multimedia learning to life in the classroom! The sites cover a variety of topics, including art and design, the environment, media literacy, food, and dealing with real life issues.

Idaho Resources
Looking for educational media related to Idaho? Idaho Public Television produces a number of programs every year on topics that are important to Idahoans - to help connect all of Idaho. Whether you are examining issues that affect Idahoans or you just want to learn more about the great state of Idaho, this is the place for you!

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