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Our Instructional Television block feeds provide teachers and students with (free!) video resources that enhance and stimulate interest in the curriculum. Students experience cultures, places and ideas they might otherwise not have access to and teachers have access to high quality videos they can afford! Also available on overnight block feeds are professional development resources for continuing education and tele-courses that can be used as dual enrollment or simply, as an enhancement to your existing curriculum. Many of the ITV series have teacher guides and/or lesson plans available that complement or extend the series.

Video can be a powerful educational and motivational tool. However, a great deal of the medium's power lies not in itself but in how it is used. Video is not an end in itself but a means toward achieving thoughtfully selected learning goals and objectives. Effective instructional video is not television-to-student instruction but rather teacher-to-student instruction, with video as a vehicle for discovery. Using specific techniques, teachers can strategically use video to promote student interest and understanding by targeting video content and use to promote teachers' own unique instructional agenda.

Find lesson plans, web links, and television/video resources organized by subject and grade level, or keyword search. The PBS mega web-site for teachers provides correlation to national standards, and an up-to-date guide to new PBS programs appropriate for K-12 learners and teachers.

A Professional Development resource you can participate in from the comfort of your own home! MATHLINE is a professional development resource service of public television utilizing the power of telecommunications to provide quality resources and services to teachers of mathematics grades K-12 in Idaho and across the nation.

A unique professional development resource created for K-5 science teachers. Although the program concentrates on innovations in science teaching, elementary teachers find that SCIENCELINE benefits their teaching in most subject areas because the majority of techniques and skills can be applied across the curriculum.