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Many of the telecourses that Idaho Public Television broadcasts are associated with college-credit courses offered by Boise State University  (1-800-824-7017, ext. 1709). Spring Semester classes at BSU begin January 14, 2001 , and the broadcasts begin Saturday, January 26, 2002. This spring, IdahoPTV will broadcast the following telecourses early Saturday and Sunday mornings:

General Education Core Courses

Saturday mornings:
Shaping America     1:00 am/midnight MT/PT
HIST 111:
United States History

The Power of Place     2:00/1:00 am MT/PT
GEOG 210: World Regional Geography

The Western Tradition, Part II    3:00/2:00 am MT/PT
HIST 101: History of Western Civilization

Dealing with Diversity      4:00/3:00 am MT/PT
SOC 230: Introduction to Multi-Ethnic Studies

Career Advantage      6:00/5:00 am MT/PT
GENED 115: Career and Life Planning

Sunday mornings:

Mechanical Universe  2:00/1:00 am MT/PT
POLS 101: American National Government

Earth Revealed 3:00/2:00 am MT/PT
GEOL 100: Fundamentals of Geology

Discovering Psychology     4:00/3:00 am MT/PT
PSYC 101: General Psychology

Other telecourses are broadcast as part of our regular daytime schedule during much of the year; for example, ESL and foreign language courses such as CONNECT WITH ENGLISH, FRENCH IN ACTION, and DESTINOS.

These series make wonderful resources to enrich high school and college-level curricula...in the classroom, for home-schoolers, or as enrichment "homework". The telecourses are also a great excuse to convene a study group for self-enrichment.

There is a long list of telecourses that are available to Idaho Public Television from PBS Adult Learning Service.

Educators, please let us know if you're interested in any particular series: Send us an e-mail at Learning Services!